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The Bravest For Many Million Years

Constitution By-Laws



This organization shall be known and designated as “THE BRAVEST FOR MANY MILLION MAN YEARS”



The officers of this organization shall consist of: a President, Vice President, Financial Secretary, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Sgt at Arms, Five Trustees, Historian, Welfare Officer & Chaplain. The Historian & Welfare Officer and Chaplain are not elected officers.



The meetings of this organization shall be on the third Tuesday of the month, if practicable. Special meetings may be called by the Executive Board and/or petitioned by 15 members. The agenda at special meeting shall be limited to the the subject matter for which the meeting was called. Meetings of the organization shall not be held during the months of June, July and August. When a Christmas Party is held in December, the December meeting may be dispensed with by means of a motion duly made and approved at the October meeting. 



Section 1 PRESIDENT It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings, to appoint all committees, to enforce the Constitution and By-Laws, and to see justice done to all members. He shall not vote except at election of officers & members, or except in the case of equal division of votes when his vote shall be decisive. He shall be chairman of all committees Ex Officio. He shall sign all checks jointly with the Treasurer. In the event of a vacancy of an office, the President shall designate a member to fill the unexpired term, if less than six (6) months. If longer, he shall order a special election at the next regular meeting.

Section 2 VICE PRESIDENT It shall be the duty of the Vice President to perform all duties of the President in his absence and to chair committees as directed by the President. 

Section 3 Financial Secretary He shall collect all dues, assessments and donations and issue receipts for same. He shall maintain a record of all such monies collected. He shall report the amount collected to the membership at each meeting. All monies collected shall be turned over to the treasurer. The Financial Secretary shall obtain and file receipts for such money turned over. 

Section 4 RECORDING SECRETARY It shall be the duty of the Recording Secretary to keep the minutes of each meeting held and report same at the following meeting. This is to include Executive Board, Governing Body, Regular and Special Meetings.

(A) Shall conduct a roll call of officers at meetings as noted above. He shall record all members present at meetings by maintaining a log. He shall ascertain from the Sgt At Arms if all present are members in good standing or guests. He shall inform the President of this information. If anyone is present illegally, the President shall order the Sgt at Arms to escort such person or persons from the meeting.

(B) He shall keep notes of all incoming mail and report same to officers concerned. Any newsworthy items are to be reported to the members at the meeting. 

(C) He shall notify all members of meetings by newsletter, postcard or mail. Special meetings may be called by telephone if the requirements of Article 3 are met.

Section 5  TREASURER The Treasurer shall have custody of all monies and assets of the organization. He shall make a report at every meeting stating the finances of the organization. He shall issue receipts when necessary. He shall sign all checks jointly with the President.

Section 6 Sgt. At Arms He shall keep all meetings in order and assist on all committees which the President may ask him to be on.

Section 7 Trustees (5) The Trustees (5) shall be active members of this organization and shall aid in the betterment of the organization. They shall have an equal vote. They shall audit books annually and submit a report to the membership at the May meeting.

Section 8 HISTORIAN He shall maintain a history of this organization and perform any other duties assigned him by the President.

Section 9 WELFARE OFFICER He shall assist all members and widows whenever possible and perform any other duties assigned him by the president.

Section 10 CHAPLAIN He shall conduct appropriate services at the wake of a deceased member.


(A) The Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Recording Secretary. These five (5) members shall each have an equal vote at Executive meetings.

(B) In order for a board member to call an Executive Meeting, approval of and attendance by at least three (3) board members other than the President Is required.

C) All Executive Board members are to be notified by the President or his designated officer(s) of the special meeting.

D) Policy adopted by the board must be presented to the membership for approval or disapproval at a meeting or special meeting of the organizations. Majority vote of all members in good standing, whether present or by mail ballot is required.


The governing body of this organization shall be – President, Vice President, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Recording Secretary, Sergeant at Arms, Five (5) Trustees, Historian, Welfare Officer , Chaplain, Blood Bank Chairman, Editor and Postal Agent, a total of seventeen members. Nine (9) members, two (2) from the Executive Board present at a meeting shall constitute a quorum. Nine (9) members are needed to call a special meeting. When there are less than seventeen (17) members on the Governing Body, a simple majority , at least two of which are from the Executive Board, shall constitute a quorum and be required to call a special meeting.

Section 13 The office of Historian, Welfare Officer, Chaplain, Blood Bank Chairman, Editor and Postal Agent shall be appointed by the president.


This organization shall be formed of retired New York City Firefighters, New York City EMS, Associate Members and Honorary Members. It’s main objective and purpose is to keep the members informed on pension and health care benefits and any changes thereto.

MEMBERSHIP – Membership in this organization shall consist of the following types: Regular Membership, Associate Membership & Honorary Membership.

Regular Membership

in this organization shall be open to retired NYC firefighter & retired NYC EMS. All regular members shall pay dues , be eligible to hold elected office, eligible to vote on any matter which may come before this organization.

Associate Membership

in this organization shall be open to retired NYC Fire Dispatchers, retired non-uniform employees of the N.Y.C. Fire Dept such as mechanics, building dept, active & retired members of other municipal Fire Departments & EMS, members of volunteer fire departments & EMS, and friends of the club. Election to Associate Membership in this organization shall be as follows: 1) candidate shall be proposed in writing, by a regular member in good standing 2) candidate shall be stand for investigation 3) candidate shall be voted upon at the next subsequent regular meeting & receive a simple majority affirmative vote by members present. Upon election to Associate Membership, such member will be required to pay dues in the amount of $20. They shall not be required to pay the widows death benefit surcharge. They shall not be eligible to receive the widows death benefit. Associate Members shall not be eligible to run for election to any office in this organization, nor shall they vote in any election or upon any matters which shall come for a vote in before this organization 

Honorary Membership

The purpose of Honorary Membership in this organization shall be to recognize any actions, efforts, work, which benefited this organization. Honorary Membership shall be under the same requirements & limitations as an Associate Member above except that they shall not be required to pay dues. Amended May 2017

.ARTICLE 6 NOMINATIONS AND ELECTIONS                                                                                                                                                          

NOMINATION OF CANDIDATES                                                                                                                          

The President shall, at the March meeting, appoint a committee to be called a Nominating Committee. It shall consist of a chairman and three members. The President, as soon as possible, shall cause to have inserted in the May/June and September/October printed newsletter and in the May, June & September online newsletters, a notice that nominations for club office are open and can be submitted by any member, in writing, to the club’s Post Office Box. Nominations of officers shall take place at the September meeting. The Nominating Committee shall submit to the President at the September meeting , a slate of candidates, who in their estimation, shall serve this club. The President shall then dismiss this Nominating Committee. The President then shall accept nominations from the floor. The President shall also accept nominations in writing received via US Mail from members in good standing, not in attendance at that meeting. The President shall announce all nominations to the membership whether from the Nominating Committee, from the floor or received via US mail.  Nominations for office need not be seconded. Members nominated in any instance above, shall decline or accept the nomination either before the membership at a meeting or within ten (10) days in writing to the Executive Board. The President, as soon as possible after announcement of those nominated for club office, shall cause the names of all candidates for office to be sent, via email, to all members on the club’s data base, stating that the election to office will take place at the October meeting.  Amended October 2014

Election of officers And Votes – The president shall, at the September meeting, appoint a chairman and four members to be called the Election Committee. The President should look to past officers to be chairmen of this important committee. This Election Committee shall conduct the election at the October meeting. The Sgt At Arms shall seal the doors when voting for office starts. The Election Committee shall deliver the ballots containing the names of candidates for office to members in good standing who are at this meeting. They shall compare figures with the Financial Secretary in the attendance book or log. All members in good standing, present at the regular meeting, are eligible to vote for candidates for election to office or on any amendments to the By-Laws. Members in good standing, not present at the meeting, are also eligible to vote for candidates for election to office or on amendments to the By laws by paper ballot. Such paper ballot must be received at the clubs P.O. Box by noon time on the day of the vote. They shall maintain records of who receives and returns ballots. The committee shall count all ballots, both those collected at the meeting and those which were received via US Mail from members in good standing but who were not at the meeting. When the results are completed, the chairman of the election committee shall inform the Financial Secretary of the results and the Recording Secretary shall read and record the results of the membership’s decision. The President shall cause the results of the vote to be posted in the next edition of the newsletter. Newly elected candidates shall take office at the conclusion of the current term of office. Unless otherwise specified, amendments & changes to the By-Laws shall become effective immediately.  The President shall then dismiss this committee.  Amended October 2014


The term of office for all elected officers of this organization shall be two years ,from January 1st of the first year to December 31st of the second year. Revised October 2014

FISCAL YEAR The fiscal year for this organization shall be March 1st to February 28th or 29th of the next year.


Dues shall be paid on an annual basis for the calendar year from January 1st to December 31st commencing on January 1st. Dues shall be in the amount of $20 per year for all members. Every new member joining the organization after July 1st shall pay half the amount of the annual dues for that remainder of the calendar year. A $50 initiation Fee and one years dues shall be required of retirees who have been reasonably recruited by an active and refused to join. This fee may be waived by ¾ of the members present at a regular meeting.

Dues are payable on January 1st of each year. Late charges for the delinquent months shall be assessed beginning on the first day of   February at the rate of $5 for each of the months of February and March for a maximum penalty of $10. Members whose dues and/or assessments and/or late charges are not paid by march 31st are out of benefits until such time as all past dues, assessments and late charges owed are paid in full. Members who have not paid all past dues, assessments and late charges owed by February 20th shall have their names immediately removed from the newsletter mailing list until such time as all past dues, assessments and late charges are paid in full. Revised Oct 2006


Proposed amendments, additions & changes to these By-Laws shall be submitted to the club President in writing only at the October, December, February & April regular monthly meeting. They shall be read at two successive, regular meetings and voted upon at that second, successive, regular meeting. Immediately after the first reading, the President shall cause such proposed change(s) to be sent via email to all members in the club’s data base. Such change shall also be printed in the next scheduled newsletter, both online & paper version. In consideration of members who do not own computers, the proposed changes shall be submitted and read only at the October, December, February, April regular monthly meetings. This is to allow non computer members enough time to receive the next month’s printed newsletter which will contain the proposed change & it’s rationale. This printed newsletter will also contain a printed ballot which members, wishing to vote on this matter, must mail to the club’s P.O. Box by noon time on the day of the vote.  A two thirds (2/3) vote of all members in good standing both present at that meeting and received via US Mail shall be required to pass any amendments, additions & changes to these By-Laws.  Amended October 2014


Any officer absent from two (2) board, special or regular meetings without approval of the President shall be dismissed from said office. The President shall fill such vacancy at the next regular or special meeting in keeping with Article 4, Section 1.


Section 1 The title “Emeritus” in conjunction with the title of the office a man held, may be bestowed upon an an ex-officer of this organization under all of the following conditions:

1)      He no longer holds that position.

2)      He served in that position for a minimum of four (4) years or a minimum of half the life of the club, whichever is shorter.

3)      He is proposed for the title at a regular meeting of the club.

4)      He is voted to hold the title of “Emeritus” by ¾ of the membership in good standing including those present at the meeting and those by paper ballot, at the next regular meeting, in secret ballot.

Section 2 An “Officer Emeritus” shall be available t lend his expertise and experience to the present holder of the office of which he is “Emeritus”.



As of Jan. 1, 2022 Aetna will cease to administer the FDNY retirees health plan. 

The Florida Aetna Health Insurance contact person is: Sabrina Simmons – (703) 791-5371, (703) 531-7614   


Aetna Medicare PPO for City of NY Medicare eligible retirees covers the following extra benefits:

Routine eye exam (eye refraction) covered at 100% every 12 months.

Reimburses $100 every 12 months toward lenses, frames or contact lenses.

Member pays for the glasses or contact lenes out of pocket and then submits for reimbursement.

For assistant contact Aetna Member Services the number on the back of your Aetna ID card.

Routine hearing exam – covered at 100% every 12 months

Reimburse $500 every 36 months toward a pair of hearing aids

Member pays for the hearing aids out of pocket and then submits for reimbursement.

For assistance contact Aetna Member Services.

SilverSneakers – fitness program at no cost.

For gym locations go to


​To Our Fellow Fire Officers & Fireman, The City and the Municipal Labor Committee (MLC), representing all City unions, recently announced an agreement to implement a customized program for Medicare-Eligible City retirees, beginning January 1, 2022. The City and the MLC recommend that retirees strongly consider the new premium- free plan with improved benefits, which represents real value for NYC retirees. The new plan, NYC MEDICARE ADVANTAGE PLUS, will be an alliance of Emblem Health, Empire Blue Cross and Anthem Health (the parent company of Empire). Both Emblem and Empire have been administering the existing Senior Care Plan since its inception and are very familiar with our families and City administration policies. NYC will continue to reimburse Medicare Part B premiums. There will be an extensive education program which will begin very soon. The new plan will become the default plan. There will be an opportunity to opt into the current Senior Care Plan but there will be a per person premium of approximately $200 per month. Attached are Frequently Asked Questions about the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan. As of July 26, 2021, there is a special call center established for the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan to answer all your questions. Members should call 1-833-325-1190 for further information. Feel free to contact us with any unresolved issues after you contact the above number.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan The City and the Municipal Labor Committee (MLC) recently announced an agreement to implement the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan, a customized program for City retirees, beginning January 1, 2022. The City and the MLC recommend that retirees strongly consider the new premium- free plan with improved benefits, which represents real value for our retirees.

What is the new NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan? The City and the Municipal Labor Committee (MLC) have been working together to offer a unique customized large group Medicare Advantage plan that will provide better member benefits for NYC retirees at lower costs to the City.

Is the retiree program still premium-free? Yes. The NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan replaces the current GHI/EBCBS Senior Care program, which is a supplement to traditional Medicare, as the program that is premium-free to all Medicare-eligible retirees. All other plans will still be available as a pay-up option. Retirees that choose to stay on their current plan will now pay the additional premium difference.

What is the start date for the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan? The start date is January 1, 2022.

How does the New Plan Work? The NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan replaces both traditional Medicare and a Medicare Supplement plan with a single integrated program administered by an insurer approved by Medicare. Through a contract with Medicare, the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan provides all health care services previously covered by original Medicare and supplemented by the Senior Care program. The Plan must follow Medicare rules and provide all benefits provided by Medicare. The new Plan will also add some important Plus Plan provides all health care services previously covered by original Medicare and supplemented by the Senior Care program. The Plan must follow Medicare rules and provide all benefits provided by Medicare. The new Plan will also add some important new benefits not covered by the current Senior Care plan, including: • transportation costs for 24 one-way trips per year to doctors’ offices; • home meals delivery for patients after they are discharged from the hospital; • a fitness program; • a wellness rewards program; • $0 copay telemedicine with the LiveHealth platform. Municipal Labor Committee.

Can I go to my current doctors and hospitals? Yes. The NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan is a Group Medicare PPO, which does not restrict access to providers. Retirees can go to any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare of which there are now approximately 850,000 Medicare providers nationally. About 640,000 of those Medicare providers are currently in the Empire/Emblem Alliance networks and are contractually bound to see NYC Medicare Advantage Plus members. Providers that are not contracted with the plan would bill the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan to get reimbursed, like they do for traditional Medicare. It doesn’t make a difference if that provider is in the insurer’s network or not. As long as the provider takes payment from Medicare, they can bill the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan and be paid the same amount as traditional Medicare pays. This includes all the hospitals in the NYC area including Memorial Sloan-Kettering (MSK) and The Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), almost all hospitals nationally, and 99.5% of all doctors

What if the provider I am seeing does not agree to accept payment from the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan? In the very rare instance where a provider that accepts Medicare tells a retiree they will not accept payment from the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan, the retiree should first contact the concierge service that will be provided so that the plan can work with the provider to make sure they understand it is the same payment schedule and billing protocol and answer any questions the provider may have. If despite that effort, the provider still refuses, the member can pay the provider and then submit the claims to the plan for reimbursement. So long as the service is a Medicare covered benefit and Medicare fee schedule is followed, the member will only be responsible for their copays/coinsurance as defined by the plan.

Who will provide the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan? After careful consideration, the City and the Municipal Labor Committee selected an alliance between Empire BlueCross BlueShield and EmblemHealth to provide the program. This provides continuity and familiarity for the majority of employees and retirees who are currently enrolled in the City’s CBP and Senior Care programs that are offered by the same insurers. EmblemHealth will continue to administer the Part D rider.

What do I have to do? If you are a retiree covered by a City Medicare health plan, you will be automatically enrolled in the new Plan for January 1, 2022. You don’t have to do anything. However, you must be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B and continue to pay your Medicare Part B premiums.

Can I choose another plan or is the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus plan my only choice? You can choose to remain on your current plan by opting out of the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus plan during the opt-out period between September 1 – October 15. By opting out of the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus plan, you will be responsible for the full premium difference between the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus plan and your plan’s cost. You will receive information about the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus plan and optout process in mid-August. Will this be the only time I can opt in or opt out? No, the City will be offering an Annual Transfer Period. In the past, transfers between plans were only permitted every other year. Beginning in 2022, transfers between plans will be permitted every year in the Fall.

Will the City still reimburse my Medicare Part B premium? Yes.

As a member of the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan, do I need a referral to see a specialist? No.

Do any services require preauthorization? Yes. Just like the plans for active City employees, some medical procedures will require preauthorization under the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan. When you see an in-network provider, the doctor and the insurer will handle the preauthorization. When seeing out-ofnetwork doctors, while prior authorizations are not required, we recommend you ask your provider to request a prior authorization to confirm that the services they are providing will be considered medically necessary and covered.

What if I live out of state? The program is a national program so it covers retirees in any State in which they work or reside and when they travel. To be eligible for NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan, members must live within the 50 states or any US territory, including Puerto Rico.

Must I have a Medicare Part D prescription drug rider through the NYC Medicare Advantage Program? If you do not receive prescription drugs through your union welfare fund, you may purchase the prescription drug rider for the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan. This Part D prescription drug plan rider will be the same as the one offered through Emblem Health for the Senior Care program. If you choose not to take any Part D coverage, you may be subject to a permanent penalty in the future. If you have purchased individual Part D coverage, enrolling in the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan will result in disenrollment ​from your individual Part D plan. You would need to obtain prescription drug coverage through your union or the City Part D prescription drug plan rider.What happens where the retiree or spouse is under age 65? As they do today, the retiree and spouse have to choose an insurer that offers both an over 65 option and an under 65 option. The over-65 member will be automatically enrolled under the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan and the under-65 member will be in the Empire GHI/CBP plan, both at no cost to the retiree. If, for example, the retiree chooses to pay up to remain in the HIP VIP plan, the under 65 spouse will be enrolled in the HIP HMO for nonMedicare eligible participants at no cost. If the retiree chooses to pay up to remain in another pay up plan, the under 65 spouse will pay up to remain with the same insurer.

 I have surgery scheduled for January 3rd with my current carrier. What should I do? The NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan clinical transition team will work with you and your doctor to ensure continuity of care.

What happens if I go into the hospital in December and I’m not discharged until January? The insurer that was in place at the time of the inpatient admission will be responsible for the entire inpatient stay. If that was traditional Medicare and GHI/Empire Senior Care, they would be responsible for the claim for the entire stay.

Where can I call for more information about the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan? As of July 26, 2021, there is a special call center (1-833-325-1190) established for the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan to answer all your questions. The call center hours of operations are Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET, except holidays. You will also be receiving extensive materials in mid-August that explain the details of the plan and the enrollment process. In addition, there will be retiree meetings available all over the NYC area in September, as well as webinars for those who prefer not to attend in person meetings. Keep checking this website for additional information.

​Updated 7/26/2021


When a retired NYC Fireman or fire officer dies, a number of notifications are required to be made. The contact persons addresses & phone numbers for these notifications are listed below.. Also, the fireman’s  spouse/domestic partner/Medicare-eligible dependent may be entitled to money from various insurance policies and other money which the fireman earned on a monthly basis while he was alive. This money & insurance benefits ARE NOT PAID AUTOMATICALLY UPON THE DEATH OF THE FIREMAN – they must be applied for. If they are not applied for in a timely manner, they will be lost. Explanation of the procedure to apply are explained below. Also, the widow is entitled to purchase his health coverage, at the same group rate he was paying for the rest of her life.

Notification to FDNY of the Death of a Retired Firefighter Or Fire Officer

Notification of the death of a retired firefighter or fire officer must be made to the NYC Fire Department by calling 929-436-4868 between 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday. On Weekends or after hours, please call FDNY Operations 718-999-7900.


Widows of a decesed retired fireman: are entitled to death benefits provided by the U.F.A (the Uniformed Firefighters Aasociarion), the union to which their husband beloneged. They are:

The fireman’s widow is entitled to a death benefit from a life insurance policy with the FDNY HQ Life Insurance Fund. For deaths occurring after July 1, 2017 the death benefit is $7,500 . This is the $9 deduction on your earnings statement listed as Fire Life. Their number is: 929-436-4856 

​The fireman’s widow is also entitled to a  Life Insurance death benefit with the U.F.A. Security Benefit Fund (SBF) in the following amounts:

For fireman who retired after January 1, 1971, the death benefit amount is: 

Up to age 49  $10,000

50 to 69         $5,000

70 and over    $ 2,500

A claim for this benefit will be sent to your beneficiary when we receive notification of death. Only the Retiree is covered for this benefit insured through the Symetra Life. Payment is made to the designated primary or contingent beneficiary of the eligible deceased Retiree upon submission of a completed claim form with a certified death certificate. Again, it is important to UPDATE YOUR BENEFICIARIES Call the UFA/SBF at 212-683-4723 (and press 2 for a benefits associate). Ask them to send you a new beneficiary enrollment card.


Widows of a decesed retired Fire Officer (Lieutenat, Captain etc.)  are entitled to:

The fire Officers’s widow is entitled to a death benefit from a life insurance policy with the FDNY HQ Life Insurance Fund. For deaths occurring after July 1, 2017 the death benefit is $7,500 . This is the $9 deduction on your earnings statement listed as Fire Life. Their number is: 929-436-4856 

The Fire Officers widow is also entitled to a Life Insurance death benefits provided by the U.F.O. A (the Uniformed Fire Officers Aasociarion), the union to which their husband belonged. 

The U.F.O.A. Insurance Policy – If the deceased was a FDNY officer, The U.F.O.A. Family Protection Plan ,FPP provides a premium free insurance policy to all retirees. The death benefits are :

$25,000 until age 55

$20,000 until age 60

$15,000 until age 62

$10,000 until age 70

$ 2,000 AFTER age 70


When a Retired Fireman or Fire Officer Dies, both He & His Spouse are Entitled to Reimbursement for Medicare Part “B” Premiums Which Were Deducted From both of their Social Security Checks

While alive, The Medicare premium for both husband & wife is deducted from both the fireman & fire officer’s wife’s monthly Social Security check. While he is alive, The N.Y.C. Office Of Labor Relations reimburses the fireman for both the fireman’s & the wife’s Medicare premium each year, usually in August. This is now done via an electronic transfer into the member’s bank account or in a paper check if the member has opted out of the electronic form of payment. When the fireman dies and notification is made to FDNY of the death of a retired member, Both the member & his wife are still entitled to a partial reimbursement from January 1st till the date of his death.THIS PARTIAL REIMBURSEMENT IS NOT PAID AUTOMATICALLY THE FOLLOWING YEAR, AS IT WAS WHEN HE WAS ALIVE. THE WIDOW MUST MAKE APPLICATION TO THE “CITY OF NEW YORK, OFFICE OF LABOR RELATIONS TO RECEIVE THE PARTIAL PAYMENT. SHE MUST APPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AFTER THE DEATH. FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTINS: In order to receive this money, the widow must make application to the Office Of Labor Relations in writing. She could try calling them at (212) 513-0470, but you will wait a long time & if you are lucky to get through, they will tell you the same information I have provided you with here. She must write a letter to the Office Of Labor Relations stating that : she is the widow of a retired NYC fireman, that she is requesting reimbursement of ALL Medicare Part B premiums from January 1st, year till the date of his death for both her (the widow) & her deceased husband, she must included a certified copy of the death certificate (no photo copies will be accepted), include the fireman’s name & social security number, also her name & social security number and her valid address. She must send all of this to: Office Of Labor Relations, 40 Rector Street – 3rd Floor, New York, N.Y. 10006. It would be wise to send it “certified Mail” return receipt requested. They will send the widow an affidavit which she must complete & return to them. 



To put it as simply as possible, a fireman or fire officer who retired “For Service” – not on a 3/4 disability pension – are entitled to the V.S.F ( The Variable Supplement Fund). This V.S.F. is part of the fireman & fir officers pension. The firemen & fire officer earns his MONTHLY pension each full month he is alive and it is paid to him at the end of that month. The V.S.F. is an additional part of his pension which is earned at the rate of $1,000 for each full month that he is alive. Unlike the monthly pension, which is paid on a monthly basis, if the fireman or fire officer lives the entire calendar year, the full V.S.F is paid automatically in a lump sum of $12,000, in the following January, either directly deposited to his designated checking account or in a paper check – whichever option he has chosen. If the fireman does not live the entire calendar year ( January – December 31) his spouse is entitled to a pro-rated amount of $1,000 for each full month that he had lived. There is no partial payment for part month lived. When the fireman or fire officer dies, THIS PRO-RATED V.S.F. IS NOT AUTOMATICALLY PAID IN JANUARY. THE SPOUSE MUST MAKE APPLICATION FOR THE PRO-RATED V.S.F WHICH THE FIREMAN HAS EARNED. IF SHE DOES NOT APPLY FOR HE, SHE WILL NOT RECEIVE IT.

1) The widow must apply, in a timely manner, in writing to the Pension Bureau at 9 Metro Tech Center requesting her husband’s unpaid VSF payment. She will have to furnish the members correct name, date of retirement and pension number.

​2) A certified copy of the Death Certificate must be furnished.

​3) A Pro-Rated amount equal to the number of complete months the retiree lived will be paid. Applicable taxes will be withheld. 

​4) Only members who retired for “Service” are entitled to this ​VSF payment. Members who retired on a 3/4 disability pension are not entitled to this ​VSF payment.

​I don’t claim to know all of the rules regarding payment of a fireman’s earned “Pro Rated VSF” after he dies such as: 1) what happens if the wife predeceases the retiree. Are his children entitled to a “Pro Rated VSF” payment? 2) If the member was divorced, which wife is entitled to what? The answers to these very specific situations will be handled by the Pension Bureau on a case by case basis. Just make your wife & family aware that they will be eligible to receive your “Pro Rated VSF” payment when you die and that they should file a written claim for it with the FDNY Pension Bureau as soon as possible. Mail the letter below, “certified Mail” return receipt requested.

               Sample letter requesting payment of “Earned But Unpaid VSF”

Albert Connolly, Chief Of Pension B​ureau

9 Metro Tech Center

Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201

​Dear Chief Connolly,

​My name is ___________________________, and I am the widow of retired (Fireman, Lieutenant, Captain, Bn Chief ) __________________.

My husband died on (date) ________________ and I have enclosed a copy of the death certificate. My husband retired on (date)

_____________ and his pension number is #_______________ (if known). I am hereby requesting payment of the VSF which he earned from

Jan. 1st of this year until the date of his death.

     I believe I have submitted all of the necessary information. Should you need any further information, my contact info is:

Name: __________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ______________________________


​                                                                              ___________________________________




           Health Coverage For Life

The State Of New York has passed the Chapter 498 Law which allows the widows of both fireman & fire officers the right to purchase her husbands health coverage for as long as she lives. Remember this health coverage is NOT FREE ! She will be allowed to purchsed the health care at the same group rate which her husband was paying + 2% surcharge. The widow willbe billed on a monthly basis for the health care. The widow must apply in writing to The City Of New York, Office Of Labor Relations,Employee Benfits Program to obtain this benefit. 

A sample application for this coverage of the widow’s lifetime health benefit plan is provided below. Brothers, you might want to talk to your wife about this very important benefit now while you’re still alive. Make a copy of this article & the application & keep it with you important papers.When she applies for coverage, she should send the application by “Certified Mail” with a request of a receipt.      


The City Of New York

Office Of Labor Relations 

Employee Benefits Program 

40 Rector Street

New York, N.Y. 10006

Re. N.Y.S. Chapter 436 Law

Attn. Hon. James F. Hanley, Commissioner

Dorothy Wolfe Director

Dear Sir / Madam,

My name is ____________________ and I am the widow of recently deceased retired N.Y.C. Firefighter ____________________. I hereby notify you that I wish to participate in the health insurance program afforded to the surviving spouse of a retired N.Y.C. Firefighter as provided under N.Y.S. Chapter 436 Law, paragraph (ii).

​I understand that this law allows me to continue in the health insurance program which was afforded to my husband, and that I may continue this coverage for the rest of my life, and that I will pay 102% of the COBRA premium.

Please enroll me in the Chapter Law 436 continuation of health insurance coverage. Your confirmation to me that I have been enrolled in this program will be greatly appreciated.

        Very Truly Yours,                      Date 

_____________________________          ______________

Widow’s Name ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Date Of Birth ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Social Security Number ________________________________________________________________________________________

Deceased Spouse Name & Rank (print) ___________________________________________________________________________

Date Of Birth _____________________________________  Date Of Death _____________________________________________

Firefighters Social Security Number _____________________________________________________________________________



               SOCIAL SECURITY

Although your Social Security benefits are not in the realm of FDNY benefits, I thought it important to mention them here.

First – the Social Security Administration offers a cash Death Benefit of $255 to the widow, and only the widow! . To collect this, the widow must appear at the Social Security office, make application & present a certified copy of the death certificate. 

Second:  Although your Social Security benefits are not in the realm of FDNY benefits, I thought it important to mention here, certain proceedures & options which a FDNY widow would have when her firemen husband dies. Generally the way Social Security works, you must live the entire month to earn the previous months check. In other words, you must live until June 2nd to receive the May check. Assuming that both husband & wife are receiving a monthly Social Security Check, when either the husband or wife dies, Social Security must be contacted to make them aware of the fireman’s death & to stop the his check. Failure to do so in a timely manner causing the issuance of an unearned check will require that money to be repaid. Many times, the fireman husband’s check is more than the wife’s check. In this case, upon the death of the fireman, the wife is entitled to receive her husband’s larger check instead of her own (not in addition to he own). But this requires a visit to your local Social Security office with a copy of the death cetificate. As this process will take time, you should make this visit as soon as possible.

Counseling Services Unit

212-570-1693 or 212-570-1696

FDNY Retirement Desk


FDNY (Death) Notifications Desk

718-999-2320 or 718-999-2321

FDNY World Trade Center Medical Monitoring & Treatment Program


City Employee Health / Medical / Medicare Benefits*

(*Not managed by the UFA)